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High-Speed PCB Design

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Nov 20 - 22
20:00 CET
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Welcome To The 3-Day FREE High-Speed PCB Design Masterclass

High-speed PCB design can often feel overwhelming or like wizardry. How about getting some clarity on this?

Look no further!

I want to share a couple of basic principles and proven techniques to give you the needed clarity on high-speed PCB design so that you too can design high-speed PCBs with confidence.

Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the ropes or an experienced designer seeking to enhance your skills, these simple principles and proven step-by-step approach will guide you towards achieving exceptional results every time.
Get ready to unlock the secrets of High-Speed PCB design and take your projects to new heights.

In This Masterclass, We Will Walk You Through: 


RF Secrets Uncovered: The basic RF concepts to understand for High-Speed Design


Controlled Impedance: Mastering the art of signal integrity


High Speed Toolbox:
Mastering high speed PCB Layout Techniques

In This Masterclass You Will Learn The Secrets …

... that we built up over 6 years at Sentineo. We had a lot of challenges in several design projects but learned from it and implemented our own design processes.
  • How to do LENGTH MATCHING AND TUNING the right way
  • How to implement a TRANSMISSION LINE correctly with a correct layer stack
  • Differential routing for high-speed applications
  • Understanding SIGNAL INTEGRITY and using the necessary PCB layout techniques

Who’s Speaking!

Meet your hosts for this Masterclass
Piet Callemeyn | Sentineo Founder | Electrical Engineer
Piet Callemeyn has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and started his company Sentineo in 2017. The bold goal of Sentineo is to empower people to deliver their electronic product and make the world a better place.
Piet has been involved in hundreds of electronic design projects in the IOT (Internet Of Things) space. Based on his experience in these projects, he designed checklists and processes to achieve first-time right electronic design success.

In this masterclass, he will share his "productization ready prototyping"-strategy for high-speed design. You will be able to implement this and start experiencing the same results.
Sven Decock | Seasoned embedded RF hardware expert
Sven Decock is a seasoned electronic design maestro with two decades of dynamic experience in the field. Sven possesses a deep-seated knowledge that covers a vast terrain from the intricacies of transistor amplifiers to the precision of RF design and the complexities of high-speed PCB design.
His journey in electronics is marked by a passionate and broad interest that has driven him to delve into the 'nitty-gritty' details that are crucial for crafting flawless designs. With hands-on experience in the physical processes of etching, drilling, all the way up to populating PCBs, Sven knows the intracacies that make or break a design before it leaves the drawing board.

Under Sven's guidance, you'll explore high-speed design strategies to achieve the coveted goal of 'first-time right' designs, enabling you to elevate your electronic projects from mere concepts to market-ready innovations.

You Got Questions? We Have Your Answers...  

Here are some common questions we get about our webinar.

Who is this masterclass for?

Anybody that is involved in electronic hardware design: engineers, project managers, founders, freelancers, people looking to startup a company with focus on electronics.

I am just getting started in electronics, is this webinar for me?

I want you to learn from my mistakes and avoid you from making them. If I can help you do that and help you avoid expensive mistakes, I succeeded in my mission.

I am an expert in electronics and have seen it all, will I learn something?

Sure! I am convinced people are never too experienced to learn. This methodology might spark some ideas to further optimize your current design flow.

Is there any help after this masterclass?

When registering you will get an invitation to join my PCB design community "PCB Heroes". If you have any questions after the masterclass, this is the place to be.
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